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India / Nepal 2015 – Reflections

Someone once asked me about leaving Nepal and India to return to the USA, and I have trouble formulating an honest answer. Am I ready to leave? Yes, I think so – I have a life back home with many exciting things ahead that have been put on hold for this trip. There are things that I think I miss – the physical comfort of girlfriend and family, the lyrics and melodies and togetherness of playing music, the ability to talk deeply and at length with another English speaker, the anticipation of scientific discovery. And yet my life has been so full without them – every hour of wakefulness accompanied … Continue reading

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India / Nepal 2015 – Pokhara to Kolkata

To no one’s surprise, the Nepali running the snack booth inside the tourist bus park in Pokhara claims that the food on the road to the border isn’t very good, and that I should eat at his restaurant before I leave. With twenty minutes to kill and no food available in the near future, I have a chai and a chocolate croissant. After writing on my chromebook for ten minutes, the bus noses out and honks it horn, and I hurriedly pay and give my big pack to the young Nepali managing the buses’ luggage. It seems as though the tradition here is to have a driver, who stays full-time behind … Continue reading

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India / Nepal 2015 – Trek to Annapurna Base Camp

Hello there. It’s been a while since my last post and all the Spring Street travelers, myself included, have returned home. I don’t know if anybody is still reading the SSIS blogs, but for the sake of completeness, I’ll upload the rest of my journal entries here.   Back in my hotel, I make contact with Bijay, the owner of Beauty Nepal Adventures, a company that organizes and books treks in the Annapurna Mountains just North of Pokhara. He confirms that the most popular trail in the region, which goes to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC), is perfectly safe after the quake, but recommends I hire a guide to help navigate roads that have been … Continue reading

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