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Come see Gavin perform tonight!

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Clases de español 2015-2016

My Spanish 2 supermodels… La familia grande y loca…   

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Animal Farm, April 15-17 at the Gubelman

A George Orwell classic this Friday and Saturday, April 15-16 at 7:30 pm, and Sunday, April 17 at 2:00 pm inside the Gubelman Theatre. Animal Farm dramatically illustrates how greed and absolute power corrupts absolutely and, with devastating consequences, can change the course of history. Revolution has taken place at Manor Farm. The pigs have assumed control and under the principles of ‘Animalism’ a better life free from human service is promised to all. Guided by a simple set of rules and an unrelenting respect for authority, it is not long until the rules that promised freedom become the chains that bind the animals once again. Directed by Krista Strutz and … Continue reading

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Island Systems – OPALCO electricity sub-station

By Alifaire N. On a very wet day in March, both the AP Environmental Science class and the AP Physics class left school together for a tour of one of the power stations put into place by OPALCO (Orcas Power And Light Co-Operative).  The tour was given by Joel Mietzner (System Engineer), and Suzanne Olsen (Public Relations Administrator).  They were both very informative and friendly, and we were lucky to get such enthusiastic people to teach us about electricity and where it comes from with regard to our islands in particular. The power station that we were visiting is located just off the corner of C Street and Franck Street. … Continue reading

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