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San Juan river

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Southwest alive and well at Arches

Back from seven glorious days floating down the San Juan river, marveling at the canyon’s imposing beauty, arming ourselves against the fierce desert sun with sunscreen baths and water fights. Much was learned, endured and embraced! We are exploring Arches National Park for the next two days and then homeward bound! ~Krista

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Hoh River Expedition

 Green and lush. Big rushing rivers and breaking waves. Trees so tall they dwarf us as we walk through the ancient temperate rainforest. Our backpack trip took us up the Hoh River to the Olympus Guard Station where we set up a basecamp for some lighter hikes into higher country. Wednesday we spent the day hiking 12 miles to Elk Lake, just a few miles from the glaciers of Mt. Olympus. Before we left a coyote walked into camp and made off with our bag of toilet paper! Luckily a little ways out of camp it decided there was nothing worth eating in the bag and left it laying in … Continue reading

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The Day started out simple… (Fire Internship)

The day started out simple, Michael Henderson and I were going to run some routine vacuum checks on Tender 363 to make sure it had enough pump pressure to be able to pump water fast enough if the need arose. We started off by firing up the truck to provide power to the pump apparatus. Michael started to show me how to run the control panel and all was going smooth until we came to the first snag of the morning. Here is the pump panel on the T-363: We discovered that the pump’s primer linkage was frozen. The primer pump creates the first bit of suction within the unit so … Continue reading

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Fire Internship: Ladders and Halyards

The past couple of days I was tasked with repairing several fire ladders that have been out of service for maintenance. I started first by blasting the debris off of then with a compressed air nozzle, and followed that by wire brushing the oxidation away that had accumulated. One of the ladders I worked on was a 35ft structure ladder. It’s very large and quite heavy, you need two guys to move it around. I followed the same procedure as the smaller ladders  I began with. Here is the small structure ladder: When I finished that, I had to replace the old halyard line on the ladder. The halyard is used … Continue reading

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Internship with Sarah: Tools And The Van

5.19.2016 We went to the Land Bank office.  We met Sarah.  We fixed tools.  We removed rust and put oil on the tools.  We also cleaned inside of the van.  The tools and the van are important because Sarah will drive kids to go to work with the Conservation Corps.  They need clean tools and  a secure van.  The kids will use the tools in some of the place we have been, like American Camp and Eagle Cove.  For example, the kids will use shovels for digging holes to remove invasive species or planting.

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Work with Sarah: Land Bank Office Tools

May 19th Today, we met with Sarah at the Land Bank office.  We fixed many tools which means we removed rust and put oil on the tools.  The Land Bank office has many tools for the Conservation Corps, for example: shovels, hoes, and hammers. They have a program in the summer, so they will use these tools starting in June.  If we don’t refresh those tools, they can’t work nicely, and they are easy to break when someone is using them. Then, we renovated the van.  First, we cleaned inside of the van, then we removed rust from the hub of the wheels.  Finally, we spray-painted the inside of the van … Continue reading

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More Flying

Friday, May 20th. My second day of flying. It felt great getting back to flying after two days of, well, not flying. We arrived at Crest Airpark at around 6:00PM. It was fairly late in the day and our debrief was shorter. Mark, my instructor, told me what we were going to do while I was performing the external walk-around. Just as on Tuesday, we got in the aircraft, did our checklists, and took off. I performed the take off and we climbed to 2,500ft. Despite the cloudy day, the air was crisp, and it felt like a flight simulator. Not. A. Bump. We made a 180 degree turn to … Continue reading

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Politics Internship: Gathering Info

Yesterday, I spoke with the San Juan Island Assistant Fire Chief, Noel Monin. He talked about his job both with the fire department and his position on the town council. He explained that the most difficult issues are always land disputes, which is part of the reason, he become a councilman. Still working on my essays—I have gathered most of the information for my second one in which I will explain issues regarding the electoral college.

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Horse Internship

My internship is going great. I have been accompanying my mentor (Hillary) to the lessons that she gives. The other day she gave me 2 hours of her time and taught me how to teach a horse to do flying lead changes. When horses are cantering, the inside front and hind legs reach farther forward than the outside legs (outside—as in the legs closest to the fence). This makes it easier for horses to turn when they are in the canter. If they pick up the wrong lead, it’s uncomfortable for them. So when a horse changes direction, the legs that reach further switch to the other legs. A flying … Continue reading

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