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The birds and the bees

By: Sara, Jaimie, Arielle, Jake— This morning, we woke up at 7:30 and ate our breakfast before returning to False Bay to collect more earwigs for our final projects that we will present on Thursday. Once we returned to the dorm, we had time to work on our projects. Some of us were working on graphs and background information, while others were running some trials with the earwigs we collected earlier. After working on our projects for about 1 ½ hours, we had lunch. After lunch, we departed for the Friday Harbor Labs where we learned about sea urchin and sand dollar fertilization.  Dr. Colette Feehan is an expert on … Continue reading

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Lavender Festival is the place to bee!

By Jack, Lynn, and Peder — Today we barely opened our eyes around 6 o’clock. Lazily, we congregated for breakfast and then headed out to Andrew’s Bay North beach at Sharon’s house. Sharon joined us for our survey. Here is a picture of Sharon with Tim. We spent the morning investigating the differences between Andrew’s Bay North and the last intertidal zone, Andrew’s Bay South; we surveyed and compared what we saw. The one major difference between Andrew’s Bay North and South is that the north end gets more sun. Together, we were looking to see what difference that would make in the intertidal zone. We were very excited when we got … Continue reading

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Data and Pokémon Go

By Sara, Jaimie, Arielle, and Jake — This morning, we woke up at 7:30 and had breakfast. After breakfast, we headed to the science room and began to analyze our data on algal species and animal species in the intertidal zone of Andrew’s Bay at the SJI County Park. After a couple hours, we had a break that most of us used to visit some pokestops. After our break, we returned to the lab to continue analyzing data and also brainstorm hypotheses for data we will be taking tomorrow at a different intertidal zone location. Soon it was lunch time so we headed back to the dorm and prepared lunch. Following lunch, … Continue reading

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HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH QUINN! Visit to Adam Summer’s Lab

This morning we woke up at 7:30 and had time to wake up, get ready, and eat before heading to the UW Friday Harbor Labs. We met up with Adam Summers again and got to explore his comparative biomechanics lab and talk to him about his science equipment and experiments.   He talked to us about his CT scanner and we got to see scans of beetles, piranhas, and a rare deep sea hagfish. We were also shown his 3D scanner and he showed us a bright yellow yoda head which was a highlight of the trip. Also, I think the very most exciting moment was when we got to see … Continue reading

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Necropsy Day

By Jack, Lynn, and Peder — Today we woke up at 8 am and sluggishly ate breakfast. Then, we hopped into the van and drove to UW Friday Harbor Laboratories. We hustled to the docks, where we met Joe Gaydos. Joe is a wildlife veterinarian, professor at UC Davis, Director of the SeaDoc Society and co-author of our “textbook:” Salish Sea: Jewel of the Northwest. We received the book as a welcome to the Salish Sea Sciences program. Joe kindly signed our books with individual messages in his office, then we went back down to the docks to look at the harbor seals that were going to be examined. Our hearts burst when we saw … Continue reading

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Rabbits and Earwigs

By Sara, Jaimie, Arielle, and Jake — Today we woke up at 8:00am and got ready for the day. We started with breakfast which consisted of the normal: bagels, muffins, and cereal. After breakfast we went to the Spring Street International School’s science lab and learned about the invasive rabbits on the island from Beatrice Grauman-Boss. After learning about the rabbits, we got in the van and went to American Camp to survey the warrens and the number of active entrances. We learned that there is about 1 rabbit for every sq. ft in American Camp. We spent about 2 hours surveying the area and then returned to the dorms for … Continue reading

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The Coolest Sandbox Ever Played In

This morning, after getting a 7:45 wakeup call, we got ready and ate breakfast. After breakfast, we headed down to Friday Harbor High School Stem Lab. There, Derek Smith, whom we met earlier in the program, showed us the tools and inventions that he and his students work on and created, such as the 3D printer, virtual reality headset skateboards, & ROV. Derek was very generous with the equipment and let us play around with our own 3D design for our earwig experiments. The one that amazed everybody the most was the electric car that his students worked on and mostly completed. Derek told us how proud he was of his students … Continue reading

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Make An Earwig Out of You!

By Jack, Lynn, and Peder — Today we woke up at the amazing time of 8 o’clock. We ate breakfast and grouped together in our silly boots and wind repellant clothes to head back out to False Bay. Last time we were at False Bay it was a long stretch of muddy ground. Today it looked like the dictionary definition of a bay. The name ‘False Bay’ finally made sense to us after seeing the two drastically different scenes in the same place. Next we began to scoop up earwigs in vials to be used in trials later. Male earwigs were scarce but we encountered many gigantic females. Next we … Continue reading

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Singing Our Hearts Out

By Sara, Jaimie, Arielle, and Jake — This morning we woke at8:30 am for our normal breakfast. Once we finished eating, we wrote our blogs from the longboat trip and sorted through pictures. We then went to the local farmer’s market where we encountered many stands selling fresh produce and handmade goods.           After an hour at the farmers market, we walked back to the dorm for a quick break. Afterwards, we walked to the San Juan Island Museum of Art where we looked at pictures by Ansel Adams, Ernest H. Brooks II, and Dorothy Kerper Monnelly. Tom, our media consultant, gave us quick lesson on the … Continue reading

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Night Lighting at Friday Harbor Labs

By Arielle — Yesterday we spent the day mostly relaxing after our exhausting longboat experience. However late last night we all had an experience I don’t think any of us will ever forget. When it was just getting dark we headed down to the Friday Harbor Lab docks with two large waterproof lights.   We then dropped the lights about a foot into the water and sat back and watched as the sea just about came to life right before our eyes. Different creatures from all over came attracted to the light. We saw Gunnels, Shrimp, a collection of fish, and much more as the sun slowly set behind the … Continue reading

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