Day 2 (Leg-Breaker) on the Camino

After a very restful night’s sleep we left Aviles this morning. It took a bit to refind the yellow arrow but we’re‚Äč headed to Piedrasblancas before stopping at this church for lunch.
As You can see, we got a break from the sun today.

Heading up the hill, we saw this old Roman fort (it defended the San Sebastian estuary back in the day).
To the left of this were some familiar faces
Here’s our final water break of the day in Muros de Nalon (where we’re staying tonight).

Early start tomorrow, we have a chunck to do tomorrow but it’s much flatter than today’s – what the locals call the “leg-breaker”.  It hasn’t broken this group. Buen Camino

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  1. Andria Hagstrom says:

    You’re killing me here Jeff with the leg breaking reference. ; )

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