Domino Sample Size

By: Ben, Sonja, and Parker

What does science mean to you?

Tim asked us this during our field work at the San Juan Island Land Bank today. We came up with many different responses to this question, and we settled on our definition as ‘the study of the natural world through evidence and the scientific method.’ However, there are many other possibilities to answer this question.

At the Land Bank, we also had the opportunity to learn about random sampling and how to find population density. Tim B. set up an exercise for us to practice this skill by placing dominoes in a field for us to find the size and density of the population using sampling. While we were doing this, we were lucky enough to spot some minke whales swimming in the foreground of Vancouver Island.

On the bus to Land Bank

Land Bank

Earlier in the day, we sat in on a Marine Resource Committee meeting where they discussed various issues, including salmon preservation and limiting noise pollution to help save the orcas.

In the evening, we hosted the manager of the Ocean Acidification Environmental Lab, Dr. Rebecca Guenther for dinner. After dinner, she gave a presentation about the dangers of ocean acidification and how it can impact us.

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