Intertidal Mammal

By: Aaron, Peter, Rosie—

The majority of our day was devoted to working on our projects which meant our brains were going at full racing speed. Aaron noted, “You could see smoke coming out of our heads.”

Students working hard for SCIENCE!

Once we made some progress crunching numbers and writing up our methodology, we headed over to the Friday Harbor Labs to observe a scientific dive with our friend and marine life expert, Tim Dwyer, where we were able to watch the dive on a screen up on the dock and he was able to communicate with us what he was seeing. It was like we were having the underwater experience but still staying dry and warm.

On the way back to the dorm we saw a deer grazing along a beach at the FH Labs. We couldn’t tell if it was our fried brains hallucinating or not but that moment was declared our first intertidal mammal sighting!

After our exciting excursion, we all sat down and had a fun dinner with Dr. Matt Kolmann in which we talked over our chili bowls about funky fish and shark myths. Then shortly after dinner he gave his presentation on the unknown purpose of serrated Piranha keels, giving some theories supported by different skeletal scans of Piranhas. It was interesting to make observations and guess what the keel could possibly be used for and be able to go through the scientific process with him. Our scientific curiosity was flying today.

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