Invertebrate Ballerz

By: Ben, Sonja, and Parker

High school kids enjoy an exclusive college party- for invertebrates.

The Invertebrate Ball was hosted at the Friday Harbor Labs dining hall. It is an exclusive party for scientists and graduate students who love invertebrates. We each dressed up as an invertebrate, or a related pun, and put our costumes up for judging and our dancing skills to the test. Aaron took home the title of best cosmopolitan costume as a shrimp cocktail.

Earlier in the day, we¬†journeyed to a “mistical” land called False Bay. We walked out onto an expansive sand flat, where mist rose from the ground. Some students sieved the sand, while others counted lugworm holes or dug them up. Our goal was to determine the population density of lugworms in various locations in the bay. We found out that the area closer to the ocean had larger grains of sand and less lugworm holes. Conversely, the near portion of the sand flat had finer grains of sand and more lugworm holes.

For lunch, we traveled to the San Juan farmer’s market and enjoyed a variety of foods, music, and art. Next time you visit, try the focaccia bread with tomatoes and pesto.

Jim Murray then gave us a tour of his lab, which is home to a baby giant red octopus and a plethora of invertebrates such as sea slugs, nudibranchs, sea stars, crabs, and sea pens.

When we returned to the dorms, we used our creative skills to perfect our costumes for the Invertebrate Ball.

Getting ready for the ball

Before the Ball

Dancing at the Ball

Tomorrow we are looking forward to another exciting day!

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