Last Day

By: Ben, Sonja, Chloe

SPOILER ALERT: today was the last full day.

On the last full day, we were woken up early so that we could finish our posters. After we finished them, Megan Cook talked to us about how to present our posters. She helped us all relax and gave us some tips to make our presentations better.

Then we went into cleaning mode. We spent the next 3 hours packing and cleaning up.

Finally it was time to set up our posters. We all raced to claim the best spots to hang up our projects. Before our guests arrived, many of us decided to do some power posing to get us ready for the evening ahead. Then, the doors opened, people flooded in and they began to examine our work. Many family members  and scientists that we previously worked with showed up to listen to our presentations.

After the presentations, everyone feasted on a delicious meal of hamburgers and hot dogs. Some guests and students later played badminton and volleyball before everyone had to leave.

Roche Harbor

The students then traveled to Roche Harbor where we saw the changing of the colors and got ice cream for one last time!

In conclusion there isn’t enough words to sum up this amazing experience. Tomorrow morning we leave for the ferry to which we will leave not empty handed but full of many memories that will last a lifetime.

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