Turning tide pools

By: Peter, Rosie, Aaron—

How does the intertidal life differ between areas with more and less sun?  

This is the question that we set out to answer with Dr. Hilary Hayford, another specialist from Friday Harbor Laboratories.  Out in Andrews Bay, on the northwestern portion of the island we gathered data in an observational study; a study where we surveyed a the amount of preexisting life along different levels in the intertidal zone.  We calculated the percentage of the surface rock that attached animals and algae covered on two separate sites and then returned to Spring Street to input and analyze our findings.

Here are students getting a lesson on tide pool surveying with Tim D and Dr. Hillary Hayford.

Sharon Massey let us study her property’s tide pools as our second survey site.

After a well deserved lunch siesta we drove over to the soccer fields for a rematch of the previous week’s game.  Tim B.’s team, the former champions and favorites for the win suffered a glorious upset aided by a few local players who joined in.  

We returned and packed our dinner sandwiches for an evening picnic and show at with the Island Stage Left theater.  The play was Humble Boy, a modern take on the Shakespearian Hamlet.  There was not a dry eye in the audience, both happy and sad tears. The play surely received the Salish Sea Sciences students’ seal of approval.

Picnic dinner in the garden.

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