Spring Street Int'l School
The facts are plain: without tuition relief for deserving students, SSIS is unsustainable as we know it. More than half of local SSIS students rely on scholarships. Your charitable contribution allows SSIS to serve as a community school, providing educational choice for all island families. Sustaining the good fortune of one generation for the next is precisely the integrity that Founders Peg and Ted Hope have sought to instill in SSIS students. Thank you.
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Your Support is Vital
Spring Street's teachers and programs depend on the financial support raised through the Annual Appeal. Scholarships, especially, are a critical part of Spring Street's mission to serve island families by providing a needs-blind choice for secondary education. More than half of all local SSIS students receive tuition scholarships.
Please Give What You Can
SSIS Founder Ted Hope puts it best in his message to alumni: "You can be a significant help to our school with even a small contribution. As an alum, your contribution, no matter the amount, becomes multiplied." The same goes for all members of the Spring Street community.
A few numbers from Math teacher and Head of School Louis Prussack: "A little bit from a lot of people could make a big impact at SSIS. Consider just 400 people (the number of current parents, alumni and their parents, and faculty) each donating $0.33/ day or $10/ month for a year. That adds up to $48,000!"
Other Ways to Give
Please Contact Us or phone 360 378-6393.
Update: This project has been completed, better serving our arts program and campus. Thank you for all your support.
From SSIS Board Chair Megan Dethier
SSIS has a gifted and energetic Arts faculty who squeeze into small spaces (or outdoors) to teach visual arts, drama, music, wood and stone carving, and pottery—but it is clear that to do justice to them and their programs, we need a new space: one that is open and sunlit and will encourage creativity to soar. The plans, drawn by David Waldron (alumni parent and Board member) do just that, cleverly fitting a building into campus that will tie in with local architectural themes, provide both art and another classroom, and leave green open spaces weaving through the campus.
From SSIS Visual Arts Teacher Taylor Bruce
I dream of a new studio building that houses the many disciplines—and the equipment and storage to support them—that constitute a rich art education. I wish for all students to create art in an inspirational space, with good light and room enough to create large works of art. I envision this space as a meeting place for visiting artists willing to share their creative visions with our students and our island communities.
The studio building would eventually become the media hub for our school, allowing students to design and produce printed materials for theater events, art shows, music recitals, and projects in photography, film, and video.
Your generous donation will take us one step further towards realizing this dream.
Thank you!
Taylor Bruce
Visual Arts Teacher
Spring Street International School
Please give generously to the Studio Building campaign.
New Dormitory
The second aspect of phase 1 was the completion of an elegant new dormitory in December of 2013, affording SSIS students 5,200 sq. ft. of living space in nine well-appointed two-person student rooms.
The new dormitory includes an attached dorm-parent apartment and an on-floor relief-parent room with bath. The light-filled living and dining room attaches to an impressive kitchen and a south-facing terrace overlooking a new playing field.

New Classrooms
The new 1,000 square foot classroom building features a porch and doorways that face existing classrooms and a newly paved quadrangle space. Inside are two new classroom, each with private office space at the back for use by teachers and students.

Sketches by Architect and SSIS Trustee David Waldron
View from lower campus.
View from south.
Bird's eye view.